Katie is a singer and songwriter from Ann Arbor, MI. Surrounded by melodies played on her grandfather's Steinway and harmonies sung by her mom, Katie found a love for song at a very young age. Inspired by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, and Elton John, she began writing music in high school, combining raw, vulnerable lyricism with catchy melodies and pop-piano sounds. Throughout college, Katie continued writing and was granted several opportunities to perform, winning the "Java Jams," series with artist, Lauren King, and opening for, "The Audition," in 2010. Her song, "Wildwood," was recorded and featured on the Butler Artists sampler in 2012 and was the first time a song of hers was digitally released.

In collaboration with producer Dave Douglas of Danger House Studios and Relient K, Katie brought her first project, “Happimess,” to life in 2013. Proving to be just the beginning of her songwriting career, the debut EP was followed by the full length album, "Loose Ends," which was a local favorite in Indianapolis, her home away from home. Her song, “Different Couches,” earned her the title of “Song of the Summer,” by Indy’s “Do-it Indy Radio Hour,” in 2016 and fueled the “Different Couches Tour,” that followed. Katie’s collection of heartfelt tunes have provided opportunities for shows across the country with artists such as Mason Jennings, Will Dailey, Andy Suzuki and the Method, and Matt Giraud and earned her songwriting showcases at reputable venues such as “The Ark,” in Ann Arbor, and festivals such as “Mile of Music,” in Appleton, WI. Most recently, Katie released her highly anticipated EP, "The Landing," in November of 2018. Produced by Jake Rye of Social Recording Company and Sanctus Real, the title track has been recognized as a finalist in the Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition of 2018 in the "Country," category. With over 19,000 submissions, Katie made the top 2% of finalists. 

Katie’s biggest hope is that the honesty in her writing encourages listeners to reflect on how to move forward with grace for themselves and others amidst life's peaks and valleys. Check out the, "Comcast's Inside Tracks," video below to learn more about Katie's writing process.

Prod. Andy Lang
Dir. Adam Newell
Music. Travis Moore, Ryan Adkins

Azmyth Recording